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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 9:15 pm PST

What an extraordinary meeting the Northwest Writers Group turned out to be, and the instruction by renown author Joan Kop was truly inspirational. When a problem was discussed, there was immediate and genuine feedback on ways to get around it! The ‘exercise’ Joan had us do for the brave souls who submitted anonymous scripts of the first seventeen lines of their stories taught more about what to include in the opening of your fiction book [tension and conflict] than a week-end seminar because we were allowed to discover it for ourselves. There is such a vital mix of age, gender, writing interests and yet willingness to support their fellows that I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to fall into the midst of such a talented group of genuine mensches. Down-to-earth, real people!!?? Who share my passion for the written word.

Silly rabbits! I get to go back again next month!!!

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