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So it is simply a beginning but I couldn't stop writing notes down as they came to me, progressively how I wanted the book to become. I didn't want to write just another "fantasy" book but I wanted something that was essentially a part of me, my personality. I have absolutely no idea what it will be titled, I will worry about that later. I know that despite the fact that I can spell wonderfully I am not great at grammar or sentence structure. I would like to find beta readers as I get a few chapters in. I will start constructing the first chapter today or tonight. I am not sure if I will want this to be a stand alone book or develop it into a series...right now I just want to get all my jumbled thoughts and ideas onto paper and then find a way to organize them how I want them.
I plan on using my thesaurus (yes I have one :P) to the full extent. I don't want a bland story or a quick read like the Harry Potters. Mind you I am certainly not bashing upon the Harry Potter books as I am an avid fan but I will not lie, they are a quick and easy read.
That's about all for now, if you read this and are interested in helping me "edit" my work please feel free to contact me.

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