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Possible Changes to Meetings and NING Site

Hello everyone!

Thanks for your support of the site. It looks like a couple of you have been making contact and sharing information. I want you all to know that we are considering the value of the site carefully, since beginning July 20th, NING plans to drop networks unless they begin paying a fee. I'm not sure it's worth it, frankly, and I don't know if I (we) can afford it. While it's not a lot, it is still a regular fee that must be budgeted into our slim budgets.

Also, the 2nd floor at Auntie's is being remodeled. We knew this was coming, but it is now happening for real. We will likely not have the access to the auditorium that we have had in the past. Please watch for a bulletin from me or Bonnie with further information before the July scheduled meeting.



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