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New Website Under Construction for INWG

Well, there's one thing that remains the same: Change.

We're working on a new website for INWG which will be designed to meet our specific needs as a group. While NING has delayed switching off the current networks (now aiming for August), we do not know when this site will go dark. Since we will be paying for a site here, we are going to look at our own ISP for a website. Might as well get the best for our money.

Although the new site may not start off with all the bells and whistles we have here (we will be designing it), it will avoid the concept of advertising, etc. We also will be able to add functions that will be specific to writers' needs rather than making it just another social community. These are available by the hundreds!

So stay with us for an update. If you get lost in the shuffle, please call Linda at 509-838-0206 to get reconnected and watch your e-mail for monthly (or sooner) notices of meetings, etc.

Now get in your closet and write!


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