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Greetings, fellow writers and readers.

I am happy to announce that my debut novel CRY DOWN DARK is now available from Blysster Press.

Peter Toombs never stopped loving Diana Ward. Not after they broke up; not after she married someone else; not after she died. Peter never got over how he failed Diana when she needed him most when they were in college. Even as he became a successful TV writer, his failure haunted him more than the monsters he created to scare others. His obsession prompts him to lease Diana's childhood home in the small Utah town of Bern. He's convinced that if he lives there, she will come back for him. When he sleeps, he dreams of ghosts: Diana's, the ghost he believes should be in the house, and the ghost of someone he never met. The townsfolk, however, don't like having a stranger in Bern. They have secrets they don't want Peter to learn. Secrets about Diana and her death. Secrets about Peter and the ghosts that follow him. Joined by his friend Connor and Diana's widower Aaron, Peter must survive Bern and discover the truth behind Diana's fate. Learning the truth could exorcise the ghosts from Peter's life or it could break his heart and bring him face to face with his worst fears.

Currently priced at $10.99, CRY DOWN DARK will put a chill in your spine and break your heart.

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Comment by INWGTeam on April 4, 2016 at 4:59pm

Sounds intriguing, TJ! Maybe you'd like to come tell the INWG members what process you used to produce your  book - i.e. how you identified the press, wooed them to do you books, etc. I plan to allow some time for folks to make announcements during the next meeting on the 20th, so maybe you can make it? Linda

Comment by T.J. Tranchell on April 4, 2016 at 6:11pm

Where? Love to.


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