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So my book is coming right along, still no idea for a title but that isn't overly important right now. I have a few thoughts. I have three people currently reading what I write as I write it but not a whole lot of response right now. That's also because I haven't written much. I have a strong story line though, it will be very hard to deviate from it. It is fixated into my brain. I am super excited, here's how my day goes:
1. Get up and get abby up.
2. Get ready, grab food.
3. Take Abby to school, go to the office.
4. Work, work and work.
5. Pick up Abby from School.
6. Go home, make dinner, clean house, bathe Abby, put Abby to bed.
7. Do some reading.
8. Work on my book.
9. Go to sleep.

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