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Connections, commitments, and writing ~ My second meeting.

Today I went to my second ever writing meeting at Auntie’s Book Store.  I felt like I have always belonged to this group simply because of the connections and friendships I have made this last month.  Tonight was amazing; there were so many new people with new ideas, projects, and connections to share.  I truly enjoyed every minute of this meeting and look forward to many more.

I read the introduction to my new novel and was surprised at the reaction.  The comments and critiques were very helpful and I should be able to improve this small piece of work with just a little editing.  I am excited to say that today I was able to pretend to be the confident girl I used to be instead of the introverted adult I have become.  It felt good to stand up there and read the words that I have written to people who truly seemed to be enjoying it.   I was such a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The time at the end to make connections and visit with other authors who are as passionate as I about writing was phenomenal.  Maybe I am just imagining things but I feel that I may have just helped a few people to get on their way to becoming published authors themselves.  And hopefully I have made some connections that will help us all in the ongoing projects we are working on.  It made me excited for the upcoming writing conference I am scheduled to attend next month where there will be more opportunities like this.

I have been thinking to myself that I need to cut back on things again as it seems I am spending many hours away from the house.  But I cannot bring myself to give this up again. I have made so many sacrifices that it is time that I make myself focus on me once in a while.  I guess once a month I can commit to giving my ego the needed boost to inspire me to write on!

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Comment by INWGTeam on February 23, 2014 at 11:24am

Your writing is super, Kathy! It's a privilege to have you in our group(s). Hope to see you soon!!!



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