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Today I had planned a day of going to a horse event with my kids. Instead we set out to go look at possible horse for Lilly to replace our beloved Zip. Before we got there we decided that this was not the horse for her and we visited my new place of work instead; then went to McDonalds for lunch. It was a fun but not so successful day. On the way home we stopped at Hobby Lobby to buy beads for Elizabeth to make necklaces with. I really enjoyed this day with my kids.
When I got home I decided to take a moment and check my email and account activity. I discovered that two of my books had sold off of I was so excited that someone had taken the effort to purchase them from the internet! I also was paid for another article on  This might seem a small victory but it makes me happy that after a year and a couple months I have gone from an unpublished author to a published author of wonderful books that I would love to have if I had not written them; and a couple of articles that I wrote from my heart about something I know a lot about. :) I am so excited about the next step of my journey. I am going to learn to market my books as well as write and publish a few more.  If I am lucky maybe I can figure out how to get on some book review lists.

Happy day ~ Write On

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Comment by INWGTeam on February 23, 2014 at 11:25am

Congratulations, Kathy... you deserve it, sister! Linda

Comment by Daniel Peterson on March 1, 2014 at 11:02pm

Congratulations!  Keep at it!


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