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Getting serious about my writing.

Looking back at the last year I realize that I have accomplished a lot.  However, it seems that my year was full of road blocks and dead ends.  My job kept me so busy and exhausted that I didn't have time to think, let alone focus on my writing.  In December I switched jobs which has had an amazing effect on my writing and I am steadily moving forward.  I have more time to think, create, and plan.  I just hope that this move was wise.  I have been planning to attend the INWG meeting at…


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This is a Test

Just a test to see if anyone is listening... I will ask at our meeting if anyone saw this message. The test will be if you know the secret word (happy!) and, if so, I will give you a free ARC from a small supply we have of upcoming books.


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Tired and Worried

Is it just me, or is there a lot of tired going around? Just trying to figure out if it's the heat or something else. I mention being tired to anyone and they seem to feel they are too, so what gives?

Any ideas?

Added by INWGTeam on September 1, 2013 at 12:27pm — 3 Comments


so, i'm back from a mini-vacation away from my super hot office, wish i had air-conditioning, oh well.  i had to give my poor little brain a rest.  i sit here sweating my butt off trying to get caught up on all the little stuff that goes into planning a story, or in my case, a chapter.  i sent 4 chapters to my tiny writing group and I've started on chapter 5.  i was going to wait til i got some kind of feedback from them, but i realized that i would never finish my story.  so i hope that…


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A funny / serious quick poem

Princess for a Day


J.D. Allenruiz





The little teapot whistles as the water begins to boil.

She’s hunched over the sink enmeshed in her toils.


The hot sweat rolls on down her face,

And she wishes she was quit of this place.


She dreams of being a pretty princess to be,

A stunning beauty in a flowing white gown for the world to see.


A knight in shining armor comes…


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A walk in the Park

Do you remember that day with the wind in your hair?

You said “Don’t be so silly, I really don’t care.”


The sun was shining so we went for a walk,

We were so in love that we didn’t talk.


We walked along holding each other’s hand.

Do you remember the name of that band?


It didn’t matter they had a great sound,

It was a crazy beat that was floating around.


It was quite late when we got home,



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A Kiss. another poem

A Kiss


JD Allenruiz



There was this kiss that was so special to me,

It was just this once as you can plainly see.


She came into my life one sunny day,

She was so beautiful that I asked her to stay.


I tried to run from all of my…


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a poem for my dad

On a clear sunny day’ in the merry month of May.

Up from the sea he came, the sailor of her dreams.


She waited patiently for him to sweep her off her feet.

The fact that he did, she thought was so sweet.


Downtown in a bar listening to a jazz band.

He got down on one knee, and asked for her hand.…


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cherry blossoms in the park

Walking through the park I see, cherry blossoms falling from the trees.


Gently floating on the breeze, their wondrous fragrance makes me sigh.


With the sun caressing my face, they take me to a distant place.


A beautiful woman with lips that tasted like cherry…


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Shameless self-promotion

This is the link to my book, Free Body Diagram.

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a poem

Face in the Mirror


JD Allen 


When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you see the place where I used to be?

Or do you see those days of futures past?

Or things that just didn't last?


When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Is that a gray…


Added by Jonathan Allen on January 22, 2013 at 4:39pm — 1 Comment

a bit more about me

I am actually a very shy person and tend to be a bit of a loner. you would think that being in the military would cure me of that, but on my down time I tend to be a bit of a recluse.

I have been writing since 2007, which is not very long.  I took a creative writing class at the university of maryland.  I still don't know my grammer very well, so I tend to make mistakes in my writing.

I have been giving lots of thought to writing an e-book, or taking an existing story and…


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I have never done this so please be paitent.  I am a recently retired from the Army after 27 years and multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.  i am writing a novel, and a couple of short stories. I have written a few poems too.


not sure what this group discusses or what genres are represented here.

if you all have any questions, please feel free to ask, I don't bite too hard!  it's a joke!

seriously, ask away.


Added by Jonathan Allen on January 11, 2013 at 11:27am — No Comments

Challenge for an Article

Hi, all...

Linda here, with a writing challenge. I would like to start a blog series with the theme: Truth and It's Discontents.


If you'd like to participate, just write a short little essay and post it here for all the world (well, our tiny part of it anyway) to see. I will watch for entries and perhaps share them with our members at the next meeting (this Wednesday night for those who are really quick). But otherwise, I will encourage members to visit the site and…


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Invitation to Members to Blog Here

Hi, everyone.

Just a reminder that you can blog in this space and share your thoughts with other members as well as folks who drop in to read our content. If you have another place where you blog, you can include your link as well. But remember, if you are someone who has signed up here to be a "pest," I will delete your content quickly, so don't bother. Ha ha!



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NaNoWriMo Status?

Did anyone take the challenge this year? If so, let me know how you're doing. You've got just 3 more days, but a lot can happen in a short time!

Good luck!!!



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INWG November Meeting 11/16 6:30 p.m.

Our meeting will be at Auntie's at 402 W. Main, Spokane, WA for those who can make it. We have a guest speaker - John Soennichsen - who will talk about his experiences with both being published with the aid of an agent for his nonfiction (Bretz's Flood), and also going the self-publishing route for his fiction (the Fat Detective).

Join us for an informative presentation and great discussion with Q&A.

See you Wednesday night.

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INWG Website Up and Running

As you can see, we're up and running again. If you are a member of NING (it's free, I believe) you can enter a blog post, add photos, etc. This is a good place to enter notices if you are looking for a collaborator - either for writing or illustrating - or an editor for your work.

We just had our October meeting and discussed local area publishers - what they offer and requrements - and also tips on finding an agent.

Check here for further news to be posted…


Added by INWGTeam on October 22, 2011 at 11:04am — No Comments

New Website Under Construction for INWG

Well, there's one thing that remains the same: Change.

We're working on a new website for INWG which will be designed to meet our specific needs as a group. While NING has delayed switching off the current networks (now aiming for August), we do not know when this site will go dark. Since we will be paying for a site here, we are going to look at our own ISP for a website. Might as well get the best for our money.

Although the new site may not start off with all…


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Possible Changes to Meetings and NING Site

Hello everyone!

Thanks for your support of the site. It looks like a couple of you have been making contact and sharing information. I want you all to know that we are considering the value of the site carefully, since beginning July 20th, NING plans to drop networks unless they begin paying a fee. I'm not sure it's worth it, frankly, and I don't know if I (we) can afford it. While it's not a lot, it is still a regular fee that must be budgeted into our slim…


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