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Maylee and Rafi trek through the Sinai desert on camelback, headed for Cairo—but they aren’t the only ones looking for the Queen. Danger is waiting for them amongst the pyramids, and a secret society that teeters on the edge of good and evil might just take them down. Or, it might be their only hope. In the meantime, Smith is still in Montana—but with the click of a mouse, the world is a very small place. The shield between Smith and his data trackers is only as thick as his Internet security, and with the college students on vacation, his TOR blanket is pretty thin. On top of it all, Johann Barker left a trail of clues behind him when he died—clues that point to a secret far more personal than the missing Queen. Amjad and Jerome must find all the clues, decipher the code, and face a familial shock that tests their integrity. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to have to work together to find the Queen, but in this game of intrigue, it’s hard to know whom they can trust.

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