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Two Spoons of Bitter now available at the Spokane County Library

Hi Sonja Mongar,

Congratulations, you have successfully moved into the library space!

Your book, Two Spoons of Bitter, is now available in Indie Washington, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across your state/region. That’s right, your book is now available with just one click of a button to thousands of new readers in your state/region!

Your Book

If you see your library does not currently have access to Indie Washington, please let us know so we can let your local librarian know how they can adopt our indie author programs to easily promote local authors like yourself!

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Hi, Sonja!

I followed the link and it requires a login and account (not interested at this time since I don' know what this is) and it did have a note that said no libraries in my area had access to the content. I think this must be something that it just starting up and this is a method of advertising for members. Just want to let our members know that information about this might be best looked up on the internet: i.e. use "biblioboard" to see what comes up and then follow your own instincts! I cannot guarantee "safety" etc. from my end. Linda

More information: I discovered (online) that it purports to be an interactive site where authors can upload their work and have it considered for the site which purportedly works with libraries to make the work available. I don't see any information about whether this would be e-book only, but that would be my best guess.

Use it as you see fit. Linda

I think I should have explained this better. If you aren't aware of it  - it's completely safe and legitimate Linda. It's called self-e Library Journal and is a subscription service that makes indie books available to the public libraries nationally and internationally. The library has to subscribe. Spokane County Library is subscribed but the Spokane City Library is not. You have to have a library card to sign in. 

I had to submit an e-version of my book to the service for review. It was accepted for local distribution. Anyone who has a Spokane County Library Card can read it. It also allows for the opportunity to do local readings - etc. As you know it is very hard to get indie book stores involved with indie readings unless they already have a big fanbase. Hard for us indie writers just starting out.

My book will go on to the next level which means it will be reviewed for national and international opportunities. There is no money involved. But I will get other benefits like more readers, fans, and name recognition. For me it means a lot that it is available to people who don't have the 16 dollars to buy a book and I love that I am supporting public libraries.  

More info on the website.

Seems well worth checking out for those who are writing e-books. I think I had heard about it briefly before when we had a person from the County Library talk to the Writers Guild when it met at Auntie's Bookstore. Did not get a lot of details at the time, and this is the first time it has come up again after a couple of years, so I am glad to know that some folks are finding it helpful! Linda

I would love to hear from someone with a Spokane County Library card who can borrow this book from the library - to hear their experience. 

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