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Self-e Library Journal for Indie Writers & Public Libraries

Click on the link to read more about a national/international subscription service that supplies Indie books to libraries that supplies.  

My book - Two Spoons of Bitter was accepted. You can find it on the Biblioboard for the Spokane County Library. The Spokane City Library is not but if you request it - they have access and if enough people ask -?.

You have to have a Spokane County library card to sign in.

I had to submit an e-version of my book to the Self-e Library Journal for review. It was accepted for local distribution. Anyone who has a Spokane County Library Card can read it. It also allows for the opportunity to do local author readings at the library - etc.

As you know it is very hard to get indie book stores involved with indie readings like Aunties unless they already have a big fanbase. Hard for us indie writers just starting out. I have books for sale at Aunties but they are reluctant to set up a reading for an unknown. 

My book will go on to the next level with Self-e Library Journal which means it will be reviewed for national and international opportunities. There is no money involved. But I will get other benefits like more readers, fans, distribution and name recognition. For me it means a lot that it is available to people who don't have the 16 dollars to buy a book and I love that I am supporting public libraries.  

Check it out.

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