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Sorting out the Biblioboard public library system. An e-version of my book is available at the following libraries through their Biblioboard subscription.

YOU Must have a library card for these libraries to check it out.

Spokane County Library in WA -- under the Self-E Indie link - includes these branches - Airway Heights, Argonne, Cheney, Deer Park, Fairfield, Medical Lake, Moran Prarie, North Spokane, Otis Orchards, Spokane Valley, and The Bookend in Spokane Valley.

You can also access it through the Asotin County Library - Clarkston WA and Asotin branches.

COOLEST though - it's available at the Seattle Public Library. I have been told it's in the Boise Library too but have been unable to confirm.  

The best way to find it is to search by my name - Sonja S. Mongar or the title- Two Spoons of Bitter. IF you can't find it - ask the librarian. 

Please- if anyone tries this avenue to access the book - let me know how it goes- what was the process like and the reading experience?

I was able to download an e-version myself from the North Spokane branch with a previsionary card. And it looks fine. The only complication was sorting through all the links - and the differing paths and subtitles for each library home page.

Apparently, I am only eligible to have biblioboard support my book on the public library system in the state where I signed up. But I would say a few hundred thousand potential readers just increased my exposure significantly.

The downside is that biblioboard does not do any promotion, so it's up to me to contact all these libraries and let them know about the new release and its particulars.

Also - the Spokane Library is not a member. They can be. If you would like to see Self-E/Biblioboard to access all your local indie writers or to have the opportunity to be read in Spokane itself if you are an indie author - let them know you want them to sign up. 

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