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Hi, all... we'll be meeting this coming Wed (1/16) at the usual time.... 6:30 p.m. and at the usual place... the mezzanine at Auntie's Bookstore. We'll be doing some reading from our projects (first signed in, first to read) so come prepared. In addition, I am assigning a couple of possible writing ideas for you, just for fun. Try these out at your leisure and bring them to read, as well... See you then!

Assignment #1: Upon winning the lottery, a reformed hit man meets the ghost of Ernest Hemingway.

(try to use as many cliche's as possible... just so you know what NOT to use for your real writing... about 100 words or less, please.)

Assignment #2: After a bitter custody battle, a clown in training steals a baby. (100 words or less, okay?)

Hey, I didn't make these up... I took them from a great new idea book (well, I sort of made them up... I'll explain Wednesday.

Come prepared for fun and frolic!!!


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