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Our next meeting is WEDS, September 15 at Auntie's from 6:30 - 8:30. 


At the August meeting, we had fun talking about the Willamette Writers conference.  We also had a chance to network with each other to match up writers with small writing critique groups. 


Probably the most compelling writing technique I've heard recently came from Charlotte Cook at the Willamette Writers' conference in August who said:  "If you don't want to compromise the forward momentum of the story, integrate back story as you experience your past in your own life.  Do we stop action in the present to retell ourselves a story from our past?  In chronological order?"  The scales fell off my eyes.


But listening to inspirational speakers (like Bob Dugoni) or learning what agents truly want, or even honing one's writing skills -- all these are not the only reasons to go to a writing conference.  I met other writers who care passionately about their works in progress and about improving their writing.


This is why I come to the Inland Northwest Writers Guild.  I hope to see you in September.




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