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Hi, all! We had some food and fun last month and talked about ideas for this year's meeting program. Because of that, here's the plan for January's get-together...

Announcements (anybody?)

Writing Exercises for Fun and, well, Exercise...

Anyone wanting to be chosen for critique in February will put their names in a pot. 4 names will be drawn for February. Anyone who wants to be drawn for March or April should come to the February meeting to help with critiques. A new drawing will be held at that time for 4 new hearty souls. Whether it will be for March or April will depend on my success in setting an alternative March program (panel discussion).

FREE BOOKS! The ever-popular ARC Harvest will be brought  back for your pleasure. If you don't know, ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copies. These are books sent to us by publishers for advance consideration, review, etc. This month, books will be "selected" by participants alphabetically in order of your last names.

See you Wednesday!

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Linda, this sounds like a really fun and cool idea. I'm in. 


Sounds great! I'll be there. See you tonight. :)

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