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NOTE: When I logged in, a message said this is not a secure site. If you care about your login data, do not go here. Try joining our Meetup Group instead.

We will meet at Frankie Doodle's for a "silent critique" activity, plus discussion. You may: 1) have your work critiqued; 2) critique the work of others; 3) both of these; 4) neither of these.

If you wish to have your work critiqued, bring 3-5 pages or a short chapter in a presentable format. I will distribute forms to be used as guidelines for critiquing. Afterwards, there will be time to ask questions about the critique results and to obtain responses if the critiquing folk are willing to talk - ha ha!

Those not involved in the critiquing activity may gather together or a different discussion session.

Don't worry- it'll work out!

See you there! Linda

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