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Heads up, writers! Our March meeting will be a special one (aren’t they all?)… This month, we’ll feature 6 different authors from the region. They will be on a panel to discuss and answer questions about their experience with e-book publishing. They are also willing to talk about self-publishing and small presses so bring your questions! Our guests are:

Deby Fredericks – Deby is a long-term friend of Auntie’s. You can visit her website at: to get more information about her books. She’s prolific!

Terry Fossum – Terry first came to our INWG last month. He has published a nonfiction book and is working on a new book at this time. He’s knowledgeable about e-books and I’m sure will make a fine addition to Auntie’s shelves when in print!

Ned Hayes – Ned joins us from the Coast before he does a complete presentation/signing the next night. For our panel, you should know that he is experienced with e-books and small pubs. For the full presentation on Thursday night (3/20 – 7 pm) he will talk about his latest release: Sinful Folk – a Novel of the Middle Ages. More information is available at .

Kerry Schafer – Kerry has also been to Auntie’s a few times. She was here last month with her scifi books, particularly the latest release – Wakeworld. Visit her at Now that the weather is better, we expect she’ll make it for the panel.

Kathy Wright – Kathy is also a new member to INWG. She’s published several children’s books and is now working on a new fantasy novel. You’ll want to follow her progress as she puts out more books, but in the meantime, she can talk about getting e-books and other items published.

Frank Zafiro – Frank is a well-known crime writer in the region. He’s returning to Auntie’s on Thursday, 3/27 at 7 p.m., so be sure to come back for his presentation of At Their Own Game and a second release titled Closing the Circle. (Good grief, this man is prolific!). And of course, you can visit him at:



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Linda, this past week's meeting with the panel of authors was great! My thanks to you and the guest authors who presented a lot of really good information regarding self publishing. The insights shared made me feel a little less intimidated with applying social media to help promote my writing endeavors. Thanks for everything. Cheers


I agree that this meeting was one of the best that I have attended so far.  I wanted to share a new insight I have after a weekend at a writing conference.  I have always thought about attending a  conference but always had other things to spend my money on.  I finally bit the bullet and paid for a two day conference.  I was uplifted, inspire, motivated and educated.  

If you are serious find a conference and make it a priority.  Listen and learn from those who have been there.  You will be made better for it.

Hi Kathy. I agree a writing conference is something I should do, however, like you mentioned, it does take money and time and I have little of either to spare these days. I think next year I'll be in a better position to attend a writing conference and I look forward to it. Until then, I'm happy to attend the writer's groups when I can.  :) Cheers


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